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November 18, 2022


  1. Sex
  2. Nurturing & Support
  3. Emotional Connection/Love
  4. Wholeness
  5. Personal Transformation
  6. Wisdom
  7. Self-Actualisation

An intimate relationship holds a HUGE PURPOSE in a man’s life.

If you're single or a man who’s been married for many years or even multiple times and you're still confused about your relationship, please don’t feel ashamed because you’re not alone.

We’re entering a new stage in human evolution where intimate relationships are changing, like all change it can feel challenging at times.

If this is your situation this post will shed some light to help you move forward.

In order for you to pivot with the direction of change it’s important to understand the higher purpose of a relationship in your life outside of ‘this is just what people do’...

Understanding the purpose of your relationship allows it to become a vehicle to help you thrive, as opposed to a long suffering situation you feel trapped in.

Through coaching hundreds of men to improve their relationship dynamic, I've understood that an intimate relationship with a woman holds 7-levels of purpose in a man's life.

The levels of this model are ascending in nature but not necessarily evolving in a linear order, as each ‘purpose’ needs a particular understanding for you to unlock it, some happen naturally others might require for you to seek guidance and tools to support you.

The reason to bother unlocking this aspect of your life is because there’s buried treasure at each stage waiting for you to find it.

1. SEX

Sex is a basic need for a man. You can live without it, but not for long and not particularly well.

Please don’t be ashamed or deny this need, it doesn’t tend to serve anyone well.

The purpose of sex in a relationship initially is to free up your energy so that you’re not constantly ‘hunting’ for it. The higher-purpose is to have the quality of sex that opens up your heart and makes you feel connected to life, this is called love.

It’s possible for every man, but it can only happen in a committed relationship where your partner feels secure.


Life can feel really hard for a man without the emotional energy of nurturing and loving support from a woman. This is the place you can rejuvenate, relax and repair so that you can go out in the world again.

Men have a tendency towards chaos and destruction without it which has gone on in society for many years, although we’re more civilised it’s still evident with the rates of addiction, depression and suicide.

The medicine of feeling nurtured works on the level of a man’s nervous system and hormones, it helps you let go of negative emotions and come back into balance.

By being with your loving woman, you're able to experience your feminine side without being more feminine.

This feels really good for a man, it’s like stretching or getting a massage after an intense workout.


The purpose is to activate your Heart Centre.

An emotional connection through the experience of being ‘in love’ naturally makes you more intuitive and empathetic.

This is the portal a man develops his Emotional Intelligence.

In this space you will feel safe to open up, share your wounds in order to heal them.

When you are in this loving connection you will naturally bring things up that you haven’t shared with anyone, when received with acceptance and love from your partner is extremely healing. No psycho-analysis required.


There’s a story in Greek Mythology that best describes this phenomenon…

Man and Woman used to be one beast with 4 sets of arms, legs, eyes and so on.

All the functions of a man and woman combined, this made for an extremely fulfilled and powerful being.

The gods were jealous and became threatened by this power and in their envy split all these creatures down the middle into two.

So man and woman have been endlessly roaming the earth feeling incomplete and unbalanced searching for their other-half to heal their wounds and become whole again.

On a subconscious level we choose our partner to bring up our sense of incompleteness in order to heal and feel whole again. Initially this is the blissful Honeymoon Phase, that turns into the 'power struggle' when our vulnerability is brought up.

Through the power of love and learning we can heal these vulnerabilities and transform them to become whole again.


A committed intimate relationship with a woman is the fastest vehicle for growth and for a man.

Men reach their greatest success in the material and emotional world within the container of a committed relationship.

Personal transformation will happen naturally during the life of the relationship, however the speed of progress and ease increases if you have the right tools and guidance.

This type of relationship doesn’t always feel easy because you have your heart and financial assets on the line.

Your partner is a mirror of you, the wise eventually realise that you can replace the mirror but the reflection will stay the same.

When you change yourself, the mirror and your relationship transforms with it.


Masculine energy is related to strength, focus, clarity and the intellect. Feminine energy is related to receptivity, intuition and wisdom.

As a man you can access the feminine and optimise your masculine qualities through your relationship, which starts by creating a strong container for your relationship so that your wife feels safe, when she does she will naturally lean back and be more feminine around you.

Being around this receptive feminine energy transforms your knowledge into wisdom and gives you the confidence to trust your inner voice over the external world.


Maslow describes this as the process of becoming everything you’re capable of being.

People often think about this as becoming, acquiring or doing more, however it actually requires removing layers of conditioning, to uncover your inner light.

Truth is your ‘full-potential’ already exists inside of you, it needs to be uncovered as opposed to discovered.

For a man it’s very challenging for you to know yourself beyond the material, physical world without the reflection of love penetrating your soul.

A connected relationship is instrumental in helping you shed layers, labels and fears that otherwise will hold you back from self-actualisation.

Remember, as a man you’re extremely powerful but you were never designed to survive or thrive alone.



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