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mind heart method

Save Your Marriage, Avoid Divorce & Create A Satisfying Relationship

the Mind Heart Method by Sasha Fedorovsky
romantic couple by the Mind Heart Method by Sasha Fedorovsky
the Mind Heart Method by Sasha Fedorovsky

Sasha Fedorovsky's leading program for men to avoid divorce and create a healthy, lasting relationship where you get respect , appreciation, loyalty and love from your wife. For life.

program objectives



Uncover the root cause of your relationship problems and learn tools to manage stress, effective communication and conflict resolution in a healthy and functional way, so that you can let go of your fears and move forward with confidence.



Understand the psychology of women and how it differs to men, including your woman's true communication and love style and how it fits with yours so that you can create polarity for connection, passion and life long love, without drama and confusion.



Let go of resentment and bring back the attraction and playfulness in your relationship so that it feels exciting, warm and ever evolving so your marriage is like a fine wine that gets better with time.



Rebuild your relationship dynamic so that you're the leader she chooses to follow, creating security, so that it becomes your life long vehicle for love, growth and support. Giving you the freedom and confidence you crave so that you can go out into the world and fulfil your true purpose and full potential.



Receive the essential tools, knowledge and guidance every man needs for creating, rebuilding and maintaining a healthy and lasting relationship, guaranteeing that you'll never have to worry about divorce and losing what's most meaningful to you.

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3 steps to save your relationship in 90-days:

Month 1

Mind Phase

Managing Your Mind & Emotions For Clarity & Confidence...

Dissolve stress by learning to manage your thoughts, energy and emotions. In this phase you learn deep self-awareness and tools for stress management and happiness so you can bring the best version of yourself to your relationship and let go of self-sabotage, no matter how complicated or painful your past history.

Month 2

Heart Phase

Relationship Skills For Creating Authentic Magnetism & Lasting Love...

After releasing negative emotions and beliefs, you can create or rekindle love in your relationship. In this phase you learn how to implement the skills for creating a lasting connection in your relationship and understand why things have gone wrong in the past. Learn to build a lasting connection, effective communication and conflict resolution and 'Instant EQ' - the superpower every logical man needs to understand women.

Month 3

Leadership Phase

The Unique Leadership Role & Life Purpose You’re Here To Fulfil...

After experiencing love and joy, it's time to establish your life vision. This is essential for keeping you fully charged in your masculine energy so you can be the leader she chooses to follow for life. Completing the program as a confident, vibrant man in a satisfying and secure relationship, excited about life and the future you're creating together.

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Apply for a risk free Introductory Session with Sasha to find out how Mind Heart Method can help save your marriage...

You'll gain powerful insights about your situation and clarity on how to move forward. If you're a good fit, you'll be invited into the program with a result guarantee.

Life's Just too short to live without the love you both deeply desire. You and your family deserve it.

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the Mind Heart Method by Sasha Fedorovsky

Joseph, a management consultant in his 30’s was devastated when his girlfriend of seven years left him. He was overwhelmed by the shock of not sharing a life together, living alone and saying goodbye to the future they planned. He was able to maintain his performance at work but suffered massive anxiety when alone. The experience affected his sexual performance, which was taking a toll on his mental health and confidence to meet the right woman and hope of starting a family. While working with Sasha Joseph was able to let go of the past relationship, overcome his anxiety and panic attacks, his confidence and clarity skyrocketed and quickly met a new woman who was exactly what he wanted in a relationship. Joseph is grateful to be back to a carefree version of himself he hasn’t experienced since his 20’s with the tools and wisdom to maintain a loving, passionate relationship with his new partner. Although his work was going well and didn’t get much airtime in the coaching sessions, he was surprised to get a promotion without even applying for the role. His boss said he noticed the way he had been relating to clients, who were much more satisfied and knew he would be a great asset for the leadership team.

joseph, management consultant

Lloyd, working in a high-pressure operations role was dissatisfied with his connection with his wife who also had a high-pressure role. Life seemed to revolve around kids' sports activities and after she had finished for the day it felt like she had no energy left for him. Lloyd found himself drinking frequently, which was affecting his mental and emotional health and further increasing his anxiety. He was unable to communicate his needs with his wife and found himself texting an old girlfriend to meet his emotional needs. Lloyd was concerned about his inability to control these behaviours and increasing anxiety of losing his relationship. Working with Sasha, Lloyd was able to overcome his anxiety, which stemmed from childhood. He no longer drinks during the week to cope, as the desire has simply dropped. His reduction in anxiety allowed him to confront his wife and share his feelings openly, they now make time for each other, have gone on holidays and are enjoying a healthier lifestyle together. Lloyd is extremely satisfied with the shift in his relationship and improvement in his health.

lloyd, operations manager
the Mind Heart Method by Sasha Fedorovsky

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To save your marriage

No matter how much you desire change, there’s always a part of you that seeks to stay the same by clinging to the status quo, this is why taking action is essential and we make the first step as easy as possible. You're invited to book a risk free Introductory Session which will give you a bespoke plan to save your marriage and create a lasting, loving relationship.

happy couple by the Mind Heart Method by Sasha Fedorovsky

Is the MHM program the right fit for you?

You’re the perfect fit for the Mind Heart Method if:
  • You’re a married man who wants to reignite the spark back into your marriage and grow ‘in love’ with your wife. You may have made mistakes in the past or simply are not sure why the relationship doesn’t feel the same but you desire to make it work and feel
    ‘in-love’ again.
  • You’re a divorced or have been through a difficult breakup and you’re tired of feeling
    angry, hurt and confused but you don’t want to wait years for ‘time’ heal old wounds, you want to feel alive again, enjoy life and not take past baggage or be afraid to make the same mistakes in your next relationship.
  • You’re divorced and ready to be in a loving relationship and make it last this time, without the fear of being hurt or making an emotionally and financially costly mistake.
  • You're single and sick of mingling and ready to be in a relationship with the woman of your dreams and sustain a loving, fulfilling connection with her, you’re over pickup lines and ‘dating advice’ you’re looking to be the best version of yourself to attract your perfect match.
  • You have a happy relationship but your sex life has declined and you want to get the intimacy back, it might be due to stressful life events, getting stuck in a rut, erectile dysfunction or a general lack of libido, yours, hers or both. All this can be sorted during the program, quicker than you think.
The Mind Heart Method might not be for you if:
  • You’re looking for quick tricks to pick-up women. Although this will make you more
    attractive to the opposite sex by improving your confidence and magnetism, it’s not the intention of the training, this is deep transformational work that requires maturity.
  • You’re not committed or dedicated to your own results and you’re looking to vent or
    receive validation for your choices in the past, the premise of the container is to hold you up in the highest version of yourself, so that you leave the training as that man, confident in who he is with a clear vision of your future.
  • You're a woman looking to ‘fix’ her husband and you have given him an ultimatum to
    change. I know you have good intentions but a man needs to come out of his own free
    will. I do work with women too if I feel I can support you to achieve your desired
  • If you’re polygamous or in an ‘open’ relationship the container may not be a perfect fit for you as the tension that creates transformation is based on commitment we create in the coaching structure which emulates your relationship with your partner, which then becomes your vehicle for life long love, growth success and transformation.