romantic couple by the Mind Heart Method by Sasha Fedorovsky

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Is this program right for me if I’m on the brink of divorce?

The best time to do the program is when life is stressful because you’ll receive tools to manage emotional overwhelm and ensure you make decisions in your highest good. The program is the perfect structure to support you going through a challenging period as it’s designed to help you heal by letting go of negative emotions, understand women and why things worked out the way they did and move forward with confidence, clarity and ease.

Unfortunately men feel alone going through these difficult ‘life shocks’ feeling there is nothing they can do and no one they can turn to leaving them feeling resentful and angry for years to come. This doesn’t have to be you. The program can provide the tools to save your marriage and the support you need to heal and create lasting love, with the same woman or someone better suited for you.

What if I'm working with a therapist or have done therapy in the past and didn’t feel like it worked for me, will this program be the same?

Working with a therapist can be very helpful for a man going through a turbulent period or healing a trauma. However, it’s common for men to say that therapy hasn’t worked for them and what they mean is that they didn’t feel better or there were no changes to their life. This program is designed to move you forward to a desired future by letting go of old self-sabotaging patterns, rather than constantly talking about them. We work with clear goals and intentions creating a shift within you in each session, you also learn skills and techniques to support you for life. After 3-months you will feel like a new man and be equipped with all the tools you need to manage your emotions, deal with stress, create and keep a connected relationship and a vision for your life to step into. You will never need another therapist, coach or program again.

I've been married for 30 years and not sure if there is much hope of anything changing. Will I get anything out of the program if the patterns in my relationship are so practised?

This is a great sign of your commitment to the relationship, although it may not feel like there’s a purpose for the two of you staying together for this long. The training will provide you with the skills and transformation required to bring back the spark, balance and love back into the relationship so that the next 30 years together can be wonderful. If the relationship isn’t true, this means it’s void of love and no longer promoting growth you will realise this for yourself in the container and have the confidence and clarity to part ways amicably and compassionately and feel excited stepping into a future of possibilities.

Is the information I share in the program or at any touch-point with Sasha confidential?

It is my duty of care to keep your information private and confidential, each email, DM, all information shared prior to signing up to the program and during is confidential. It is common for men to feel uncomfortable to disclose their feelings and personal life. That is why the structure of the program is a 1:1 VIP container as opposed to a group program. It is designed for you to feel completely safe to be open about the issues with the purpose of finally creating a solution.

How will The Mind Heart Method help me to improve my business, finances and professional success while working on my relationship?

Men have a natural drive and motivation for success, however it can often be from a place of sacrifice, hard work and avoidance of emotions. When we work to open up your heart, let go of emotions and elevate your relationship your professional life will naturally improve as you will have more skills, more energy, be more charismatic, less stress and have the life giving support of a loving connected relationship, a man's true source of life-long energy and motivation. We have several modules related to this part of your life, it’s not about working harder but removing unconscious blocks to success.

I’m in sales and understand the value of relationships and connection. Will this program improve my sales skills and professional development as well as my intimate relationship?

This program is great for sales people and business owners who are driving sales in their company. The skills you learn are essential to manage your mindset, emotions and energy for sales, which you can incorporate to training and developing your team. The Mind Heart Method facilitates you to let go of negative emotions, making you more attractive, charismatic and loving, this creates a much quicker trust and likability factor for your customer, long-term relationships and increased satisfaction without the fear of needing to ‘keep them happy’ it will happen naturally. This is the ideal training for married business owners, salespeople and managers as this is the demographic the program is based on. Sasha’s background is in large scale enterprise sales, B2B, BTC, digital marketing and social selling are areas she’s experienced and passionate about.

I’m in a very ‘left brained’ industry and looking to improve my emotional intelligence to take on a new management position and help me deal with stress. Would The Mind Heart Method support this area of my life?

Yes, the program will help you to create deep self-awareness so you’re able to know and understand yourself and from that foundation you will have more clarity and empathy for understanding and connecting with others. You will learn ‘Instant EQ’, the skill every logical man needs to understand and maintain a passionate connection with his wife and demographics that don’t think like him. The skills you learn in the training will help you overcome stress, create connected relationships with people, including
colleagues and employees and lead with vision and integrity. The Mind-Heart Method has the power to skyrocket your career because you’ll be able to guide yourself and others into their highest potential.

I’ve been referred to this program by a friend, is there anything I should know before booking an Introductory Session as I’m new to these themes?

I’d recommend connecting with me on Linkedin or Instagram and going through some of the content so you can get familiar with my work and coaching style. If it resonates, don't hesitate and booking your Introductory Session.

We are a couple wanting to do the program together, is this possible?

Yes, it’s possible and a beautiful intention, however unnecessary if the man is self-motivated the relationship will naturally transform as he goes through the program. Please provide the intention to do a ‘couples training’ when you book your Introductory Session with me and I will provide you with details for this option depending on your situation.