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October 26, 2022
Imagine feeling the excitement of being in-love with your wife again and having her look at you like you're her dream man.

Sounds good?

But you might not actually believe this is possible for you after x-years of marriage and all the challenges that you’ve been through that have created tension and resentment in the relationship…

  • This can look like years of compromise, sacrificing your own needs for the sake of your family’s future, taking on more than your fair share of responsibility and pressure.
  • The boredom of routine, lack of a loving connection, affection and intimacy for longer periods of time you would care to acknowledge.
  • Big events such as financial loss, having children, infidelity or the Lockdowns and all it brought up over the last few years.

So much has happened that the idea of talking about all the ‘stuff’ to resolve it feels futile…

Yours isn't the plate smashing rage or clothes out the balcony scenario, which at least would get the adrenaline pumping…

Even if there was a chance, you might drag your body to couples therapy to avoid a divorce, but she has no interest in it anymore.

If this sounds like your relationship, I know it’s difficult but you’re not alone.

I hear about this ‘dormant feud’ between couples all the time from men who have started to lose hope that things will ever change and just resigned to this way of life...

What I’ve discovered through coaching hundreds of men in this situation is that it’s not at all hopeless, often just like a volcano the relationship has the potential to explode, in a good way.

The good news is that relationships aren’t problems to be solved or healed by talking about the issues...

This generally just creates more confusion and brings up old hurts that creates an explosion, in a bad way.

What I discovered gets straight to the root cause of the problem and for this reason can work surprisingly quickly (and mostly painlessly).

So here it is: You have the power to transform your relationship by changing YOUR FEELINGS..

Let me be clear, it’s not about you changing HER feelings.

For example if you perceive your wife is demanding, it might cause you to feel resentful, angry or even guilty.

When you feel these types of negative emotions regularly for long periods of time you instinctively respond to her with a reaction that looks like fight - flight and eventually shutdown mode.

This creates relation patterns between the two of you that become very hard to break because after months or years of practice they become embedded in your nervous system.

The only way out is for you to change the pattern, which is done by changing your emotions towards her.

I know you’re a practical guy so I’ll touch on the scientific explanation to give you a better understanding of how my method works…

When you change the way you think about the situation, you start to experience new emotions, she will sense this on a deep level because you’re actually changing your hormones, which are a catalyst for chemistry between two people.

On the other hand, when a couple lives together and holds resentment, unconsciously you get the signal that there’s a threat and switch off this feel good chemistry from one another.

The transformation to reignite love and connection starts with you, the physically dominant male…

As a man you have the power to create love and connection in your relationship by processing your negative emotions (stress).

Only then do you create a safe container for your wife to be vulnerable and love you in a way that gives life to nourish your relationship.

Imagine coming home from work to have your wife greeting you with excitement, feeling the loving connection you did when you first met with the benefit of being best-friends.

Your children will feel the difference at home and your friends will be asking if they can get a dose of whatever you ordered.

Truth is, life’s just too short to be living without the love you both desire.

If you're ready to finally feel in love again with your wife and be her dream man...

The Mind Heart Method can facilitate this transformation for you.

Apply now.

Much Love,